Artistic Pairing Tour

The combination of enjoying a delicious craft beer and appreciating art can be a unique experience. If you're looking for a place in Mérida where you can do both, you've come to the right place! In this article, we'll tell you about the best places to drink craft beer and see art in Mérida.

In the vicinity of Sublime Editions Art, a digital graphics gallery located in downtown Mérida, you'll find a variety of restaurants and bars that offer craft beer and where you can appreciate the city's art. Here are some of the most outstanding:

  1. At Sublime Editions Art, you can start this tour where we will gladly show you the current exhibition and welcome you with a refreshing drink to kick off and cool off.

  2. Agua de Mar: Located in the heart of Mérida, this restaurant features craft beers, elegant decor that includes contemporary artworks. Its sophisticated and relaxed atmosphere makes it perfect for an evening of art and beer.

  3. Cuerno de Toro: This taproom has a wide variety of craft beers from their own brewery, as well as rustic decor and artworks by Adrián Olivos. Its location in the city center makes it perfect for enjoying a beer after visiting the art gallery.

  4. Mercado 60: This gastronomic space located in the city center has a wide variety of restaurants and bars that offer craft beer and local food. It also regularly hosts art and live music events, making it an ideal place to enjoy a cultural night out.

  5. Mastache: In the north of the city, this taproom is known for its more than 20 styles of craft beer brewed in-house. It also has an outdoor terrace where you can enjoy the urban art of Mérida that adorns its walls. And a small exhibition room where you can see different artworks.

All of these places have one thing in common: they offer a unique experience where you can enjoy the combination of craft beer and art. Additionally, they are located near Sublime Editions Art, making them ideal for a complete night of culture and fun, as well as alternate venues where we showcase part of our catalog of artworks that you can acquire with us.