Latest decoration trends in Merida

Merida, the beautiful colonial city in the southeast of Mexico, has experienced a resurgence in interior decoration in recent years. Interior design and decoration in Merida is a topic that has evolved over time and adapted to current trends.

Among the most notable trends in Merida's decoration is the trend of preserving and restoring the colonial houses in the historic center, which has led to the rescue of architectural elements from the time such as high ceilings, pasta floors, courtyards, and stone walls.

Regarding finishes, chukum is one of the most popular materials in interior decoration. Chukum is a natural resin extracted from the chukum tree, which is found on the Yucatan Peninsula. It is used to cover walls and floors, providing a smooth and satin finish that fits perfectly with minimalist decoration.

Another important trend in Merida's interior decoration is the incorporation of works of art and digital graphics in decoration. Art galleries and local artists have played an important role in interior decoration, offering a wide range of artwork and digital graphics that adapt to any decoration style.

Digital graphics have become a popular option for interior decoration, as they allow customization of works and adaptation to the tastes and needs of each client. Art galleries in Merida, such as Sublime Editions Art, offer a wide selection of artwork and digital graphics for any decoration style.

In conclusion, interior decoration in Merida has adapted to current trends, incorporating architectural elements from the time, natural finishes such as chukum, and a wide variety of artwork and digital graphics. Interior decorators and homeowners are opting for minimalist and contemporary decoration, in which art and digital graphics are a key component in creating unique and personalized environments.